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If I see your heart, I'll dance with it.

Collaborative performance featuring Keio Media Design. Dance for the future that connects the audience and dancers' hearts and "visualizes" them!

Mademoiselle Cinema
『I'll take your heart』

April 1, 2023(sat)19:00
April 2, 2023(sun)13:00/17:00

Joint performance "The beginning of the festivities" with dance company "Bushman" and dancer Mitsutake Kasai

June 24, 2023(sat)19:00
June 25, 2023(sun)13:00/17:00

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European Research Council Grant Program Neurolive
Goldsmiths, University of London



Mademoiselle Cinema is a dance ensemble founded in 1993 by choreographer Naoko Ito, which has been giving several performances every year at Session House in Tokyo. The dances are quite unique and free from traditional styles of modern dance technique, sometimes incorporating theatrical interludes and film clips, resulting in loud acclaim from the audience. As it is often said that the modern age is the age of women, Naoko Ito consciously chooses to use only female dancers to create a piece of work. She attains herself to the stories or memories that each dancer carries within her body rather than in her thoughts, and weaves them into dances which reveal the realities of modern life.


Choreographer Naoko ITO

From Kagoshima. She had belonged to Watanabe Modern Dance Company since 1971. In 1987, she began free-lance dancing, and started original activities. In 1991, she established mini-thater "Session House" for performing arts in Tokyo, and She participated in the establishment of "Session house Planning Office", and started operations as a producer of the dance section. In 1993,She founded Mademoiselle Cinema. Moreover, she starts up a lot of program for the young dancer promotion, and is appearing one after another many choreographers who bear the next generation.



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